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Keeping sight of your objectives

Reshape of European Region of Diagnostics multinational

Client: Phadia (Europe Region)

Role: Project Owner (Santiago Pulido), Project Manager (Marisa Guitart)
Approach: A top-down restructuring of the Europe Region across the Sales, Marketing, Service and Back-office functions. A reengineering of operations to achieve an organization capable of delivering a compound annual growth rate of over 10% with the existing product portfolio while improving EBIDTA very early in the process.
Outcome: The territories were reduced from 15 countries to 7 clusters leading to improved efficiency, competitiveness and scalability. The speed to market of key launches, selling messages and best practices was accelerated. The existing talent pool was better exploited, and performance management and career planning was enhanced.
Key points: Projects involving rapid change require more time dedicated to planning communication, rather than less.


"Processes like this one, involving significant headcount reductions and major changes in roles and responsibilities, always expose organizations to stress and, as a consequence, can lead to a noticeable loss of business focus. In addition, restructurings never pass unnoticed for competitors thus creating a tougher working environment. In this case, the design and implementation were executed in record time and the outcomes were unanimously judged as the necessary ones to properly address a changing and demanding market environment. Proper, frequent and fluent communication and very effective coaching from the Project Owner and Project Manager were key to success."

Magnus Lundberg - Chief Executive Officer - Phadia AB


Reorganization of French Diagnostics company

Client :         Sweden Diagnostics  France
Role:            Management Consultant & Mentor (Marisa Guitart)

Approach :  The objective of this project was to restructure the organisation in such a way that it could fully exploit its market opportunities. It took place over a year and a half and involved reviewing the existing organisation, defining a new business strategy, and then reshaping both the organisation and the business processes and BT/IT that supported it. Approximately 20% of the roles and responsibilities were changed and the project manager worked on site full time to drive every aspect of the change process. She then provided mentoring support for the new General Manager once the restructure had taken place.

Outcomes : The new organisation functioned much more efficiently and led to significant improvements in sales and overall results.


Key Points:   Being based on site full time, and adopting a robust but human approach to the review process and the interpersonal communications involved, were key factors in developing the respect, openness and trust necessary to undertake an in-depth redesign and establish a properly functioning team.




"I have had the opportunity to work with Marisa as senior consultant and coacher and to benefit both from her skills and her strength of mind. Indeed, she brought me a decisive support in building a new organization and streamlining several processes. Marisa never forgets an objective, that’s why we achieved them all."

Laurent Mousseau - General Manager - Sweden Diagnostics  France

Reorganisation of Spanish industrial company


Company:  Montursa Montajes y Servicios
Role:           Founder and CFO  (Jaime Nieto)
Approach: This company experienced rapid growth due to its successful offering and competitive positioning. This made necessary a complete reorganization and the development of a new business plan aligned to its new situation. Key features of the process were the creation of new departments and responsibilities, and the implementation of ISO 9001 certification. 
Outcomes: The operational efficiency of the company improved significantly with the new organization and procedures, leading to improved overall results.
Key points: Keeping up the motivation of the team throughout the project and constantly seeking to improve the internal communications were key ingredients for the success of the reorganization.


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