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Spin-Off of the Diagnostics Division of Pfizer - Start Up of new companies


Client:          Pharmacia Diagnostics AB

Role:            Business Consultant & Coach (Marisa Guitart)


Approach:  This project took place over a couple of years and involved spinning off the Diagnostics Division of several European country operations. A dual focus was placed on structuring and preparing the new companies as separate legal entities, and maintaining the integrity of the core business. This complex project involved legal matters, organizational aspects, and practical relocation considerations. 


Outcomes: The Diagnostics divisions of 3 countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal) were spun-off successfully. The expectations in terms of time scale and business objectives were fully achieved. 




"The separation process from the Pfizer Company was not a simple one. Pfizer was in the middle of a big reshape of its core businesses, closing and relocating facilities while we were spinning-off the laboratory diagnostics division. The creation of a fully-fledged market company involved quite complicated work with the former owners (Pfizer), the new HQ (Uppsala, Sweden), the local authorities, the employees and, most important, the customers. Marisa was critically instrumental to build the necessary back-office acting from the very beginning as a protecting  “canopy” for the normal course of the business. She very energetically pushed the process leading, in record time, to the existence of Pharmacia Diagnostics Italy Srl. "

Paolo Dini - General Manager - Pharmacia Diagnostics, srl


Creation of Property Services Joint Venture Abbey National Bank (now Santander)


Client:             Abbey National Bank (now Santander)

Role:               Project Manager & Business Consultant (Ben Neale)


Approach:      A new property management joint venture was created between Abbey National and facilities management specialist Stiell to implement more creative facilities strategies and unlock addional tier of operational savings. The joint venture brought together management teams from the two organisations to structure and manage a 10-year contract worth approximately 400m pounds.


Outcomes:      A business plan was developed and an organisational structure designed for the joint venture that led to joint Board approvals and the set-up of the new initiative.


Key Points:     The business plan and financial projections for any JV needs to be as rigorous as for any standalone company.




“Dear Ben, I write to express my appreciation for the significant contribution made in working with Abbey National to implement the joint venture with Stiell. It has been a pleasure to work with your team over recent months and to develop your innovative ideas for asset creation and harness your experience in business start-ups. The team achieved what it promised, initially working with our team to deliver a business plan on time, which provided the context for our successful Board proposal. Since then, the team continued to add value, assisting with the organisational development of Covista and the development of its market offering. We undoubtedly share a ‘can do’ culture.”

Larry Hannam, Managing Director, Covista Integrated Business Infrastructure

Start-up of company in emerging Photovoltaic sector


Company:    Pentasolar
Role:            Founder and CFO (Jaime Nieto)
Approach:   This project took place in 2004 when the photovoltaic industry started to develop and mature. Pentasolar was established and positioned to take advantage of this growth opportunity. During the following 4 years, the sector experienced important changes in a short period, particularly in relation to its regulatory framework. In response, the company's business plan and strategy was revised and modified several times to adapt to the changes and remain competitive.
Outcomes:  The rapid and pragmatic approach to the issues affecting the sector led to wise change management decisions. The company was successfully sold to an important manufacturing company after a strict due diligence process.
Key Points:  Reacting quickly and pragmatically to changes in the legal framework for a company's operation is an important as reacting to changing market conditions.

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