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Global Template of SAP ERP system for Market Companies


Client :        Pharmacia Diagnostics AB / Phadia
Role:          Business Consultant, Project Manager and Steering Group Member (Marisa Guitart)

Approach : MGA advised on and supported the design (including functional specifications), validation, testing and implementation of a Global Template for an SAP ERP system.  The project objectives included replacing several legacy ERP systems with a single system, training users and reviewing and standardizing key business processes in order to substantially increase the efficiency of the individual country companies. This involved collaborating with  internal teams from different areas ( Distribution, Finance, Controlling, Service, etc.), software specialists and functional consultants.

Outcomes : The Global template was completed according to the project scope and requirements, and the system was successfully implemented in all the market companies in Europe. Standard working procedures were put in place.


Key Points : Setting up a realistic programme can help avoid team members burning out. Ensuring a clear definition of roles and responsibilities (in particular regarding business vs. technical IT inputs) minimizes the risk of work being done out of scope.




"When the decision was taken to implement SAP to replace several legacy systems in our organisation, demanding timelines were set for the design, development, testing, validation, and implementation phases. Marisa played an important role in advising on how to set up the business processes, supporting the development of  the specifications for the programmers for the Global template and driving the implementation in the individual countries. She helped highlight and resolve the conflicts that typically arise between management objectives and the time and resource constraints of the project itself. Marisa’s input and support was highly valued by the Steering Group and the Project teams, and she contributed significantly to the ultimate success of the project."

Thua Andersson-Kropp - Chief Information Officer - Phadia AB

JDEdwards One World ERP implementation for Manufacturing and Distribution

Client :        Amersham Biosciences
Role:           Programme Director  (Marisa Guitart)

Approach : MGA advised on and managed the development, validation and implementation of a JDEdwards One World ERP system for the Manufacturing and Distribution areas.  The programme objectives included replacing legacy information systems, testing and validation, training of end users and facilitating more efficient working processes. This involved collaborating with internal teams in the UK and Sweden, and managing several external software specialists and functional consultants.

Outcomes : The two projects delivered to their respective goals within the budgets and timelines set by the Steering Group. Improved working processes were initiated and no significant technical issues were experienced.


Key Points : Establishing realistic overall budgets at the outset is a key factor for success. Issuing comprehensive, timely, accurate and carefully targeted communication from the project management team is a pre-requisite for smooth implementation. 




"This was a complex programme with separate project teams working in the UK and Sweden. Marisa proved herself an excellent programme manager and was able to use her extensive background in system implementation to leverage additional value from both the in-house teams and external consultants. Marisa adopted a very practical and customer-focussed approach, recognising that the end users of the system were the key customers. 

Under Marisa's leadership each of the two projects delivered to their respective goals within budget and timelines set by the Steering Group. Marisa set clear goals and accountabilities for the teams and established excellent financial control. She possesses good interpersonal and leadership skills that engaged and aligned the project teams to deliver to their stretch targets. Marisa displayed huge personal commitment to the programme and led her teams by example. Marisa fulfilled all of the demands of the role in an exemplary manner and to the full satisfaction of the Steering Group."

David Fernie - VP Global Supply Change - Amersham Biosciences

Global Rollout of Microsoft Dynamics CRM system

Client :         Phadia
Role:            Project Manager & Steering Group Member (Marisa Guitart)

Approach :  This project supported an important investment in a new CRM system. The objective was to put in place a critical new tool for the Sales, Marketing and After-Sales Areas. The scope covered both Laboratory and Clinical sales across the different countries in Europe. The project took a lead from the US region regarding the choice of tool, then significant work was undertaken to adapt it for the European environment and market requirements.

Outcomes : Specifications were completed according the initial scope, and the tool was implemented in several European countries. The ground was prepared for a wider roll out internationally. 


Key Points:   A precise definition of the business requirements and project scope is important in maintaining the integrity of the project and minimizing the risk of failure. 




"I had the pleasure of working with Marisa during our global rollout of the CRM system. Marisa’s technical expertise and extremely pragmatic, no nonsense managerial methods supported creative problem solving as well as clear and concise communication among the team members. 
Marisa has an uncanny ability to manage complex situations and projects, maximizing output while at the same time building a relationship of mutual respect and loyalty. You can rest assured that she will be side-by-side with you and your team making sure the goals are accomplished. Marisa is definitely an asset to any project and I very much look forward to crossing paths with her in future business endeavors."

Farah Nouraini - IT Business Analyst and Global Programme Manager

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