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International Harmonisation of Business Processes


Client:         Phadia  (European Region)

Role:           VP Business Operations, Finance and BT/IT (Marisa Guitart)


Approach: Recognising that each of Phadia’s 15 European subsidiaries had different approaches to the running and reporting of their businesses, this project sought to harmonise all relevant aspects and introduce new templates to increase the efficiency of their business operations and make their management and control easier. This involved reviewing the areas of business strategy, business operations and business reporting, across very distinct markets, then designing and implementing unified methodologies where appropriate. New approaches were introduced for the process of annual target setting, and in the area of reporting in particular, new templates were created to make it easier to compare and contrast like for like performance.



Outcomes: An improved visibility of the performance of each subsidiary. Easier control of deviations in performance and the ability to benchmark aspects such as cost ratios. An increased capacity for each subsidiary to understand its own performance relative to its strategy. From an overall management perspective, a coherent, understandable and unified business area.


Key points: Involving the local teams closely, and defining with absolute clarity the form and rationale of the new business procedures to be introduced, were key factors for the success of this project.




"By mid 2007, the Phadia Company had reshaped commercial operations into four geographic regions: US, Japan, Europe and the Rest of the World. The European region accounted for more than 50% of the company turnover, enjoyed 65% overall market share and served more than 3,000 clinical laboratories, running 40 million allergy and autoimmunity tests per year. The Market Region Europe, composed of the merger of the previously existing North and South EU areas, comprised 15 subsidiaries: 10 in European Union/Monetary Union countries (AT, BE, DE, ES, FI, FR, IE; IT, NL, PT) 3 in EU/non-MU (UK, DK, SE) and 2 in non-EU (CH and NO).


Granting the mandatory grasp on the business of such different geographies required the design, implementation and exploitation of proper management tools. Marisa critically contributed to the build-up of the management control and business performance tools. Her extremely active “coach-style” role, close to the local managers, led to the creation of a spirit of excellence and passion for best performance, permitting the EUR to outperform industry peers amidst very stringent economies and market conditions."

Anders Lundmark - Chief Financial Officer - Phadia AB

Improvement of Order Entry, Customer Service and Public Tenders Departments


Client :         Bayer Diagnostics
Role:            Project Manager & Business Consultant (Marisa Guitart)

Approach :  The Order Entry and Customer Service departments of this company were suffering from high levels of costs, returns and customer dissatisfaction. This project was designed to identify the causes, propose solutions and support and follow up the required changes. During the review phase, the existing processes were analysed and interviews undertaken with all staff. This revealed some people were in unsuitable roles or lacking appropriate training, and identified why some customer service KPI’s were being missed. A series of recommendations were made to change the organisational structure and resourcing plan, including new training requirements and working procedures.

Outcomes :  The productivity and motivation of the internal teams increased. The customer service KPI’s improved and the costs fell.


Key Points : Key to the on-going performance of any business function is ensuring the right people are in the right roles with the appropriate skills and an adequate level of preparation.





"Marisa is an excellent Business Consultant and Project Manager. She has a very good and detailed understanding of business processes, and how to improve and make the changes happen while keeping people motivated. She managed to improve our working processes and boost the efficiency and efficacy of our team, always delivering on time and above expectations. 
I strongly recommend her for any future assignments and would not hesitate to hire her again should such an opportunity arise."

Joan Bodi - General Manager - Bayer Diagnostics

Reengineering of Property Services


Client:              McDonald’s UK

Role:                Project Manager & Business Consultant (Ben Neale)


Approach:      This project involved reviewing the procurement of property-related services for the network of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK, and then designing and implementing a new procurement model to achieve higher quality service delivery at a lower cost. This involved collaborating closely with the internal property team to produce a business case for board approval which involved rationalising the supply chain, and then jointly interacting with external suppliers (existing and new) to redesign the scope of services and negotiate new contracts.


Outcomes:      The business case was approved and a new procurement model was implemented that delivered the anticipated improvements in quality and cost. No significant problems affected the operation of the restaurants during the transition to the new model.


Key Points:    To reach its full potential, a relationship between an internal team and a consultancy team needs time for trust to develop.



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